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New Hot Runner Firm Offers Custom-Engineered Solutions

The new firm of Mold Manufacturer China Company. was established a few months ago by Harald Schmidt and Danilo Kozulic, whose extensive experience in hot runners includes more than 20 years in hot runner development. MHS’s new product and service programs complement runnerless molding applications of all plastic part sizes from less than 1 g to 5 kg in weight.

MHS’s focus is on custom-engineered solutions requiring special expert input that could be compromised in off-the-shelf systems. The MHS custom hot runner has been designed to offer distinct features for the widest range of applications, from thermoplastic automotive parts, electromechanical parts, and medical plastic components to injection-molded packaging parts.

Customers can expect an optimized design built and assembled with advanced components made from materials offering robustness and long-term performance. Hot runner systems can be shipped as built-in units, as prewired and pre-assembled systems, or as complete turnkey hot halves.

The new company offers hot runner service throughout North America with regional sales and service locations, and throughout Europe through its global partners in Germany at MHT Mold & Hotrunner Technology near Frankfurt. MHT is known for its high-cavity PET preform molds with up to 144 cavities

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