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Widely adopted throughout the machine tool industry for its simplification of programming and complex machining operations, GE Fanuc’s CNC Manual Guide is keeping pace with the rapid advances in the company’s other CNC systems. A new i system is set to become a main feature on operating screens for GE Fanuc Series 16i, 18i and 21i CNCs. In addition to all capabilities previously available for lathe and milling machining (T and M versions), the i system offers a host of dynamic new facilities.

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For example, powerful part program editing provides the ability to cut and paste, or copy, a part of a program at will in a manner similar to that of conventional word processor software. Guidance messages are given as G- or M-code comments, in the form of a cursor pointing, displayed on the lower part of a screen. Also, insertion of a prefixed program is possible via a series of normal part program blocks registered as a prefixed program. Other new features include set-up guidance and animation sequencing.

GE Fanuc says that a new dual machining programming facility offers advantages to those many workshops where operators may not be familiar with both turning and milling, and where the machining motions of such dual part machining programs are difficult to check.

Die Casting Parts

Die Cast Parts

CNM die Cast Parts began producing aluminum die casting, zinc die casting and magnesium die casting base alloy sand casting China company, WA in early 1996. Originally serving only local businesses, our customer base has expanded nationwide.

In October of 2003 we moved our entire operation to new facilities in Shelton, WA. We’re now located in the Port of Shelton’s industrial park. Along with our move, we’ve added the capability of producing copper base alloys.

Serving the commercial, aerospace and military markets, we produce quality sand castings in most aluminum, copper and zinc base alloys. Although we are a relatively young company, our personnel have many years experience serving these market segments. This expertise is available to assist you in designing castings to meet your specific needs.

George Stenberg, Owner and President

After receiving his Metallurgical Engineering degree from Washington State University in 1979, George started his career with the Boeing Company in Seattle. As a specialist engineer in the Manufacturing Research and Development organization, he supported their captive production and tooling foundry operations before leaving in 1990. Afterwards, he held the position of Operations Manager at both Sunset Foundry and Puget Corporation where he was responsible for overall foundry operations.

In 1992, George received the prestigious US Navy’s Reliability, Maintainability and Quality Assurance Award for his work on castings for the Seawolf submarine.

Other interests include golf, soft-tip darts, boating, hunting and fishing, and being with his daughters Anna, Chrissy, and Lisa.

Lou Petro, Owner and Engineering Manager

Spanning five decades, (but who’s counting), Lou’s career has involved all aspects of aerospace sand casting production. Working for some of the premier aerospace foundries, he has held program management responsibilities for casting design, qualification and production on many major military and aerospace programs.

From sales and engineering through all phases of casting design and production, he brings a wealth of experience to our customers.

Lou’s other interests include golf, woodworking and computers. He takes care of our computer systems here at RCP and maintains our web site.

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