Plastic Injection Molding

Injection molding is a manufacturing process, which is making semi-finished parts of certain shapes by pressurizing, injecting cooling and separating molten thermoplastic.
Validate and optimize your tool design
 Challenges
 Design phases
 Simulation methods
 Summary and question
Many factors and decisions for molded components
 Continual change
Part geometry, process type, material design, mold design
 Application criteria
Function, cosmetics, volume, economics, life cycle
 Variations
Lot-2-material, machine ware, machine cloning, mold ware
Process and analysis types
 Gate location analysis
 Molding window
 Filling
 Runner balancing
 Fiber orientation
 Packing
 Design of experiment
 Venting analysis
 Crystallization analysis
 Core shift analysis
 In-mold label
 Wire sweep paddle shift
 Cooling and heating analysis…………steady state, transient, multi cycle, conformal
 ‘repaid heating and cooling…………water, steam electrical or induction
 Warpage and shrinkage analysis
 Thermoplastic injection molding
 Two-shot sequential, insert molding over-molding, IMD
 Gas-assisted injection molding
 Injection compression molding
 Bi-injection molding
 Microcellular injection molding
 Birefringence
 Structural reaction injection molding
 Rubber, liquid silicone injection molding
 Multiple-barrel reactive molding
 Reaction injection molding
 Microchip encapsulation and underfill encapsulation
 Export as-manufactured properties to FEA
 Defect visualization
The Best opportunity for the design process
 Part design
Concept, select material, prototype, estimate cost…..
 Mold design
Quoting, concept, initial layout, during fabrication…….
 Process development
Develop a stable process, optimize quality criteria, and minimize cycle time
 Production troubleshooting
Oops…….. I did it again
Product development cycle
 Lower costs through upfront insight into the part and mold optimization
 Reduce time to market and avoid warranty issues and recalls
 Have confidence that the design is the right
Part design
Normal wall thickness
 Thickness variation
 Traffic-light display
 Plastic design rule: thickness changes no more than 30% of nom. Wall thickness
Draft angle
 Draft variations
 The Draft is acceptable locations
 Suitable undercuts
Molding window analysis
 Take the guess work out of your process window
Helps determine process window and optimum conditions
 Full range of mold, melt temperature
 Pressure limit
 Temperature drop through part
Define the size of window by
 Number and location of gates
 Per geometry
 Material – can compare several materials
Mold design
 Runner system
 Venting
 Steel types
 Cooling and heating
Cooling and heating
Revised design
• Range 72 – 105 degree
• Difference 33 degree
• Average tem 89.1 degree
Original design
• Range 55 – 119 degree
• Difference 64 degree
• Average tem 88.2 degree
Variable coolant inlet temperature and coolant during a cycle:
• Heating phase
• Air purge
• Cooling phase
• Air purge
Mold heated by:
• Water, steam, electrical or induction
Heating and cooling phase:
• Time or temperature (thermocouple) controlled
The design is choice of your
• Mold design
• Part geometry
• Process type
• Material
Validate and optimize your design
• Part simulation
• Runner simulation
• Venting simulation
• Cooling and heating simulation
• Design of experiment

Precision plastic injection molders

Widely adopted throughout the machine tool industry for its simplification of programming and complex machining operations, GE Fanuc’s CNC Manual Guide is keeping pace with the rapid advances in the company’s other CNC systems. A new i system is set to become a main feature on operating screens for GE Fanuc Series 16i, 18i and 21i CNCs. In addition to all capabilities previously available for lathe and milling machining (T and M versions), the i system offers a host of dynamic new facilities.

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For example, powerful part program editing provides the ability to cut and paste, or copy, a part of a program at will in a manner similar to that of conventional word processor software. Guidance messages are given as G- or M-code comments, in the form of a cursor pointing, displayed on the lower part of a screen. Also, insertion of a prefixed program is possible via a series of normal part program blocks registered as a prefixed program. Other new features include set-up guidance and animation sequencing.

GE Fanuc says that a new dual machining programming facility offers advantages to those many workshops where operators may not be familiar with both turning and milling, and where the machining motions of such dual part machining programs are difficult to check.

New Hot Runner Firm Offers Custom-Engineered Solutions

The new firm of Mold Manufacturer China Company. was established a few months ago by Harald Schmidt and Danilo Kozulic, whose extensive experience in hot runners includes more than 20 years in hot runner development. MHS’s new product and service programs complement runnerless molding applications of all plastic part sizes from less than 1 g to 5 kg in weight.

MHS’s focus is on custom-engineered solutions requiring special expert input that could be compromised in off-the-shelf systems. The MHS custom hot runner has been designed to offer distinct features for the widest range of applications, from thermoplastic automotive parts, electromechanical parts, and medical plastic components to injection-molded packaging parts.

Customers can expect an optimized design built and assembled with advanced components made from materials offering robustness and long-term performance. Hot runner systems can be shipped as built-in units, as prewired and pre-assembled systems, or as complete turnkey hot halves.

The new company offers hot runner service throughout North America with regional sales and service locations, and throughout Europe through its global partners in Germany at MHT Mold & Hotrunner Technology near Frankfurt. MHT is known for its high-cavity PET preform molds with up to 144 cavities

Rapid Injection Molding

What is More Convenient the Regular or Rapid Injection Molding

Plastic molding has been known as the most popular way of processing and creating plastic. There are three types of molding machines that is commonly used by most of the industrial companies nowadays. These are the electric, hydraulic, and the hybrid but there are two main processes that can be used in processing plastic these are the regular way and the rapid injection molding.

The regular way of injection molding involves the process of pouring plastic granules into the hopper and it slowly passes into the barrel where it is being heated and melted. The large screw passes the melted plastic into the mold where it is being cooled and finally hardens. Once the plastic has been solidified it will be ejected from the mold. However, the rapid injection molding uses the method of prototyping and conventional injection molding.

Compared to the regular process, the rapid injection molding is cost-effective and of course fast that will allow you to fix any problem encountered if the product design is not right. It uses an aluminum mold, which is unlike the hardened tool use in the regular process. The molds used in rapid injection molding consists of the A-side, which is also known as the cavity side, and the B-side, also known as the core side.

When choosing a design that will be used in the rapid process, make sure to avoid adding small features into the steep walls. Similar to the regular process, it is important that the mold has enough thickness that is equally distributed to avoid any damage into the product. There are different parts that are made from rapid injection molding and an example of this are some of the medical devices that is being used by most of the medical companies. medical companies need the medical plastic molding parts for the business as well.

Both of the processes have their advantages, but the best thing that you must do is to choose the one that will best meet to your needs.